My flight is from Melb(Aus) to SGN to HAN to Paris, being in Vietnam on the 3rd of July. My return flight is from Paris to HAN to SGN to Melb, being in Vietnam on the 3rd of Oct. Since Oct 3rd is 92 days from July 3rd, I’m wondering if the 3 months multiple entry visa to Vietnam will cover my travel days, or does 92 days just fall out from the ’3 month period’? Sarina.

Dear Sarina,

Please be kindly informed that a 3 months Vietnam visa covers full 3 months. ie. from July 3rd to October 3rd as in your case, no matter how many days included in those months.

As you are traveling to Vietnam by air, we highly recommend you apply for 3 months multiple entry Vietnam visa on arrival for your convenience, as you only need to complete the online form, and then get visa approval letter delivered to your email and finally get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

You can find full details about this Vietnam visa on arrival here:

If you are clear about this kind of visa, click on this Online Vietnam visa application form to apply for your 3 months visa for Vietnam.

Hopefully this information is clear to you.

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Wish you all good things,