Hello, I am a Canadian and am arriving in Bangkok. I am then going to Cambodia and then Vietnam by land. The embassy is far for me. I wanted to know if I can apply in advance for a Vietnam visa by land before getting to Asia and without having to go in person the the Vietnam embassy in Canada. Thank you.

Dear Fahime,

Please be kindly informed that as a Canadian citizen, in case you are traveling to Vietnam by land from Cambodia, you may have 2 options to get a visa for Vietnam as follows:

  1. Get a Vietnam e-visa. This kind of visa is available for Canadian citizens if you are traveling to Vietnam for tourism, stay in Vietnam for no more than 30 days. 
  2. Get a Vietnam visa at a local Vietnam embassy. This kind of visa is the only option for you if either or both of conditions for e-visa mentioned above is not met. In this case, you of course can get a visa at Vietnam embassy in Canada, or Vietnam embassy in Bangkok, Thailand or Vietnam embassy in Phnompenh, Cambodia, depending on which one is convenient for you.

Hope you can arrange visa soon and have a great trip.

Best regards,