Dear Sir, I am Greg from US, going to be traveling via Vietnam Airlines with the following itinerary – Sydney to Hanoi (Change at SGN) 21st Nov Hanoi to Tokyo 25th November, Tokyo to Sydney (Change at SGN) 6th December. Should I get single or multiple entry Vietnam visa?  On the return journey from Tokyo – I do not plan to leave the airport. If I changed my mind and wanted to leave the airport – is there a way to change a single entry into a multiple entry visa for Vietnam? 

Dear Greg,

For the first question, we highly recommend you check with the airlines of your return journey to know whether your flights are connecting, and your luggage will be transferred directly to Sydney.

Then you will be in either of the two following situations:

  • If your luggage is transferred directly to Sydney and you do not need to leave the immigration area, you will need a SINGLE ENTRY VISA for your first entry into Vietnam;
  • If your luggage is not transferred directly to Sydney, and you need to leave the immigration area to take your luggage and do check-in for the next flight to Sydney, you will need a MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA FOR VIETNAM.

For the second question regarding change from single entry visa to multiple entry visa for Vietnam, we would like to inform that once 

  • your visa is processed by Vietnam embassy (in case you get an embassy visa); OR
  • your visa approval letter is processed by Vietnam Immigration Department (in case you get a visa on arrival)

no upgrade from single entry visa to multiple entry visa can be made. So you are highly recommended to check carefully and well plan your trip to save your cost and time as well.

Hopefully this information is clear to your.

Should you need any further information, feel free to let us know via +84.946.583.583 or [email protected].

Best regards,