I have a one way ticket purchased for the 6th of September, London-Hanoi, and I am now trying to apply for the online Vietnam visa for around 4 or 5 weeks in Vietnam. As such, I am unsure about what to put for the date of exit as I do not have a flight booked from Vietnam to another country? Harry from UK.

Dear Harry,

Normally, as a UK citizen, you can apply online for Vietnam visa on arrival without any required document, including onward or outward flight ticket. 

And in case you are not sure about your date of leaving Vietnam, you just need to select the visa type your wish to apply and your arrival date. And for exit date, just add 1 month or 3 months to your selected arrival date, depending on the visa type you select.

At the moment, UK citizens can apply online for the following Vietnam visa types:

  1. 1 month single/multiple entry visa (tourist or business);
  2. 3 months single/multiple entry visa (tourist or business).

You can see details on how to get Vietnam visa on arrival for UK citizens or submit the online form for VOA here.

Should you have further concern, feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day,