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My partner and I will be travelling to Vietnam from New Zealand, arriving in Ho Chi Minh City on the 18th of October. We will then be travelling around Vietnam for a month or so before travelling by bus to Laos and then by plane to Cambodia. Following our travels in Cambodia we will be crossing the border back into Vietnam to travel to HCMC again as we fly back to New Zealand out of HCMC on the 20th of December.

I am aware that we need to apply for a visa for our entry into Vietnam in October, but was wondering if we need to also have a valid visa when we cross the border by bus on our way back to HCMC from Cambodia. If so, which visa type do we select? We will need a visa that is applicable for 2 months but that also allows multiple entries and I cannot see which one that would be as the only multiple entry visa is the 1 month visa. Will we need to apply for 2 separate 1 month multiple entry visas or do we not need a valid visa for our re-entry in January 2017 because it will be via bus and not plane?

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Kelsey Rao

Dear Kelsey,

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In your case, please be advised that you need a valid visa for both arrivals in Vietnam. To save your time and save you from complicity, we advise you to apply for a 3-month multiple entry visa on arrival.

With Vietnam visa on arrival, you will only need to get a visa approval letter beforehand, complete the visa procedure at your arrival in Ho Chi Minh city airport. And then you can leave Vietnam and come back within those 3 month without following the visa procedure anymore. It not only save your time but also saves your costs.

To apply, please refer to the link: https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact us.
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