I’m going to Vietnam in October and staying there for around 5 weeks. But during that time, I’m going to be traveling to other countries so I’m going to be going in and out of Vietnam. What visa for Vietnam am I supposed to get? The 1 month or 3 month? Multiple entry or one-time entry? Thanks, Olivia from US.

Dear Olivia,

As you described, you is going in and out of Vietnam for several times, so you will need a multiple entry visa. And as your total duration for such stay is 5 weeks, you need a 3-month visa.

So in your case, a 3-month multiple entry visa is needed.

In case you are traveling to Vietnam by air, we can assist you to get visa approval letter and pick up visa stamp upon arrival at Vietnam airport. This type of visa is called Visa on arrival. With this option, you are not required to provide any document, or travel for visa application.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards,