Hello, We are group of 5 Pakistani people and want to apply for Visit Visa to Vietnam (less than 30 days). We are on a social visit to Malaysia and wish to obtain a visit visa for Vietnam from within Malaysia. Pls advise. Thank you!
Shahid Bilal

Dear Shahid Bilal,

Please be informed that if you are traveling to Vietnam by air, we can assist to get visa approval letter to then get visa at Vietnam airport. To do so, please send scan of your Pakistan passports to our email at [email protected].

There are two kinds of fees you are supposed to pay:

  • Service fee: this is fee paid online in advance to get a Vietnam visa approval letter
  • Stamping fee: this is fee paid in Cash at Immigration Counter at the airport to get a visa stamped

In case you travel to Vietnam by any other means, kindly contact the Vietnam embassy in Malaysia for details on how to get Vietnam visa for Pakistan citizens.

Should you need any further assistance, feel free to let us know.

Kind regards,