Please advise that as a US citizen, what is the longest visa for Vietnam (without starting a business) I’m eligible to receive and what is the cost to get it? Thanks a lot, Emily.

You can get 1-year multiple entry visa for Vietnam, Emily.

As you are not planning to start any business, you can apply for 1 year tourist visa for Vietnam. If you are traveling to Vietnam by air, you are highly recommended to get a visa on arrival as it requires you no document and travel for application.

The total cost of a 1-year tourist visa on arrival for US citizens is US $170 (consisting of US $35 for visa approval letter and US $135 for visa stamping fee at Vietnam airport).

However, with tourist 1-year visa for Vietnam, you are required to leave Vietnam after every 90 days of stay in the country.

► You can see more information about 1-year visa to Vietnam for US citizens here.

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